New website created

Hi folks.
This post is in advance of my official launch which is coming soon. Eventually you will be able to enjoy my music from here in a number of ways.

A few big news items...

1. I am just finishing up a new recording project titled "Welcome Mat". This is a personal reflection in song that according to my wife Ruth, might pull on a few heartstrings.  So be it. After 15 years from my first project "Restoule" I ask forgiveness on being more reflective this time around. Hopefully you will enjoy the mix of songs from my life experiences and contributions to worship ministry at various congregations over the years.

2. I've decided to partner with for fulfillment of orders for both Welcome Mat and Restoule and digital distribution of  tracks from both of these projects. This should be integrated with this website very soon.

3. I'm relocating from Oakville to Ottawa in 2015. Lots of changes coming up in the Beauchamp household.