Summersongs 2018 update

I have just recently returned from Summersongs with 3 songs well under way and lots of other ideas and collaboration opportunities. A very successful and satisfying week. This was the 20th camp and I was one of the few attendees who was also there at the very first one in 1999.

For more information on this awesome experience check out the Summersongs site.

Also part of this years activities was a very moving tribute to Penny Nichols, the founder of Summersongs who succumbed to cancer late last year.

Penny was a great inspiration and mentor to me personally while I attended Summersongs in the first few years they started up. It was largely at her prompting that I began to explore choral singing by first joining the Oakville Choral Society shortly after attending that first camp. That has led to a now 20 year journey with a number of varied and treasured involvements in choirs and choral arrangements.

This has followed me to Ottawa where I am a current member of the Canadian Centennial Choir and a new member of the Ottawa Choral Society.

Over the next few months I plan to update this website. Check back and see what's up and coming.